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Cal vs. USC, at the half

Posted by Steve | November 8, 2008 at 7:43 pm | In Games | 9 Comments

At the half,  Cal trails 10-3.

  • Overall, a decent performance, about as good as can be expected.   Although we aren’t moving the ball on offense at all, at least our defense is playing well.  Keeping USC to only 10 points in the half is a pretty good job.
  • Nate Longshore needs to stop the mental blunders.  As a fan, it’s been painful watching him play.  2 picks that were luckily overturned by penalties (one questionable).  Several balls short-hopped to wide open receivers.  Taking a -14 yard sack instead of throwing the ball away.  These are things you definitely cannot do against USC.  We were lucky to even be on the board at this point, as the scoring drive was kept alive almost exclusively by USC penalties.
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  • Once again, Pac-10 referees prove themselves to be inept.  A USC interception called back by a somewhat questionable roughing the passer call.  Then on the USC TD drive, they failed to review two crucial plays, the first on a pass going over midfield where the receiver clearly stepped out 8 yards behind where they eventually marked the play dead.  Then on the TD itself, the ball clearly was through the receiver’s arms and trapped on the ground.
  • All three timeouts wasted to avoid delay of game penalties.  MANAGE THE CLOCK LONGSHORE.  As a veteran, he should know better.

In the second half, Cal needs to keep up the pressure on defense.  They need to get to QB Mark Sanchez and apply more pressure on him, and force him to throw some picks.  On offense, they need to find a way to hit receivers in stride going down field.  Short screen passes are not working at all, and Longshore isn’t hitting his open receivers.   Until they can prove to be a threat down in the passing game, the running game will suffer, and we can’t depend on USC penalties to keep our drives moving.  If Longshore can’t get it done, Tedford should give Riley a shot, since he’s been cleared by medical staff to play.

Bad news for the Bears

Posted by Alex | October 16, 2008 at 12:05 am | In Players/Alumni | 8 Comments

Looks like some bad news for the Bears.  Michael Calvin, a WR, had his knee give way during practice and seems like he may be out for awhile.  Though Calvin has not produced much this season, he was expected to become the top receiver on the team.  David Seawright, our kicker, has a pulled groin and is unlikely to play this Saturday as well.  Furthermore, Tyson Alualu, a starting DE and arguably our best rusher, has a leg infection and a fever that has him walking around on a crutch.  His status for Saturday is unknown.  Credit to Jonathan Okanes for the news.

Update: Looks like Calvin is out for the year with a torn ACL.  Tedford also announced Nate Longshore as the starting quarterback for the Arizona game.

RB of the future?

Posted by Alex | October 8, 2008 at 1:04 am | In Recruiting | 1 Comment

Cal has gone a long time without picking up a commitment from a new player.  That changed today with Dasarte Yarnway, a 6′0″ 210 lbs running back committing to the Bears.  Yarnway is rated as the 23rd best running back in the nation, and a 4 star recruit by  He looks to be both a bigger back and a fast back as well with a 40 time of 4.5 seconds.

ASU v. Cal: Blogging at the Quarters

Posted by Steve | October 4, 2008 at 1:40 pm | In Uncategorized | No Comments

Since I opted out of buying last minute tickets to the game and making the trek back to Berkeley for the game, a choice I am increasingly regretting, I shall make an attempt at posting periodically throughout the game.

2nd Quarter, 12:30 remaining, 10-0 17-0 Cal:

  • Big announcement of the day: Nate Longshore is back in at starter.  Jeff Tedford has been worried about the slow starts the Cal Offense has been having as of late, sighting troubles managing the game in the huddle, as well as some rather poor throws in the last two games.  Those at the stadium were actually in for a big surprise, as Riley was accidentally announced over the PA as the starter.
  • Despite Best being injured, the offense has looked quite sharp.  Longshore for the most part has been sharp, despite the bonehead INT on the apparently failed screen.
  • Although the offense has been steadily moving down the field, its been much more of a slower-paced, controlled game.  With previous games, there was always that edge, that feeling that the next play could go all the way.  The offense today, both in play calling and execution, seems to be just trying to wear down the Arizona defense.  Very few looks down the field, lots of backfield and short passes.  Look for a big play down the field soon, its long overdue.
  • The defense is playing outstanding.  Two forced fumbles, one recovered, a couple huge sacks on 3rd down.  ASU hasn’t had very much yardage yet, either in the air or on the ground, however we’ve barely seen Keegan Herring play yet
  • Cal is scoring as I write, to go up 17-0.  Go Bears!  Keep up the defense now.

Halftime, 17-7 Cal:

  • ASU had one good drive, capped off by a 30 yard uncontested touchdown pass.  Main difference on this drive was control of the line.  ASU provided much more protection for Rudy Carpenter, and when given that much time to throw the ball, he did well finding receivers down the field.  The key for the rest of the game will be to keep up the pressure and force Carpenter to get rid of the ball early or throw it away.
  • Punt and kickoff coverage has been helping out a lot with field position, pinning ASU deep within their territory most of the time.
  • Have yet to see good kick returns for the Bears.  Darian Hagan hasn’t been able to hit holes like Best does, and Sydquan Thompson has been dancing around too much rather than running vertical.
  • ASU is very much still in the game, especially as they should receive the second half kickoff.  The Bears have to keep up the pressure on Carpenter on defense, and keep grinding down the field and scoring on offense.

End of 3rd Quarter, 24-14 Cal:

  • Leaping?  Really?  Personal foul 15 yards?  Thats a pretty ridiculous penalty/call.  I don’t know the specifics of the rule, but ESPN says its for “jumping onto the line”, but to me, it looked like the player jumped straight up, and somebody ran under him.  Anyway, if they’re going to be sticklers and call that, why didn’t they call a penalty on the TD on the offensive line for a “Bush Push”?
  • Hagan needs to hold on to the ball.  The Bears lucked out that his fumble on the kickoff went out of bounds.
  • Offense seems to have slowed down.  Although they did manage a TD, that was on a short field due to the interception by Conte.

The trees come down

Posted by Alex | September 5, 2008 at 12:20 am | In Facilities | 1 Comment

In a ruling released today, the injunction request by the people in the oak trees has been denied.  As a result, Cal may begin cutting the trees immediately.

Cameron Jordan suspended

Posted by Alex | August 28, 2008 at 2:26 pm | In Defense, Games, Players/Alumni | 3 Comments

DE Cameron Jordan has been suspended for the first game of the season.  He was arrested for drunk driving over the weekend.

This lessens the Bears depth along the DL, with Cameron one of four primary players in rotation at the DE position.  Even though he is not listed as a starter, this will still greatly impact the Bears.  The starters at the DE position are Rulon Davis and Tyson Alualu with Jordan listed as the primary backup.

Riley named starter

Posted by Alex | August 21, 2008 at 11:09 pm | In Offense, Quarterback | 3 Comments

Kevin Riley has been named the starter over Nate Longshore for the Michigan State game.  This comes at the end of the fall practices as the Bears begin to prepare for their first game.  Coach Tedford stresses that Longshore will definitely get a chance to play and that there will be a continual competition.  Both quarterbacks played extremely well throughout camp.

A CB and a transfer

Posted by Alex | August 1, 2008 at 11:47 am | In Recruiting | No Comments

Vachel Samuels, a CB out of Lynwood, CA has committed to the Bears. Samuels is a 3-star recruit who is listed at 6′1″ 190 lbs with a 4.4 40. It is nice to see that more Southern California players are signing away from UCLA and USC with the Bears.

Donovan Edwards, a JC transfer from Diablo Valley has decommitted from UCLA to join the Bears in the 2008 class (taking the open scholarship from the release of DE Scott Smith to transfer). He is a 6′4″ 270 lbs OL who also runs a 4.7 40. Edwards is a 2008 recruit and will have 4 years to play 3, and will be eligible immediately. Again, it is good to see that Cal can steal prospects, even this late into the 2008 recruiting season.

Recruiting updates

Posted by Alex | July 23, 2008 at 4:49 pm | In Recruiting | 1 Comment

Cal recently signed OL Brian Schwenke out of Oceanside High School. He is a 6′3″ 265 lbs lineman who has played both ways in high school, but will probably focus on offense in college. Besides for being rated a 3-star recruit by, Schwenke is also academically focused with a near-4.0 GPA. He chose Cal in part because of Cal’s academic reputation.

Allan Bridgford, a Cal commit, was named to the Elite 11 and is currently participating in the QB camp. He was named the most accurate passer on Day 1 of the camp.

Stadium saga over?

Posted by Alex | July 23, 2008 at 4:40 pm | In Facilities | No Comments

Edit: The City of Berkeley has decided not to appeal the ruling.  This puts Cal one step closer to being able to build with no further problems.  The other plaintiffs say they will still file an appeal, but they have yet to actually file.

The stadium saga is possibly over with Judge Barbara Miller’s ruling today. In her ruling, she declared UC Berkeley the prevailing party in the stadium lawsuit, and will lift the injunction on building in a week. If the plaintiffs decide not to file an appeal, the lawsuit will be over and Cal will be free to build. If the plaintiffs do file an appeal, they would have to reapply for an injunction which may or may not be granted. See a full news article here.

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